making Africa the tree of LIFE

YANGG is a conglomerate of young and vibrant African youths who are zealous and passionate towards contributing their quota in the development of their society with relation to the sustainable development goals, business development/ entrepreneurship and leadership development.
It is a network of compelling and passionate young Africans and rising
future pioneers attempting to make change and create better systems in Africa through realizing the global goals and networks that aim at reinforcing connections between young advocates of change through energized coordinated efforts.
So far, YANGG has membership across; Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Togo, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Burundi, Namibia, Lesotho, Benin Rep, DRC Congo, and Cameroon Gambia, Zambia and Botswana.



Our Vision

To raise global youth leaders who are rooted in sustainability for African transformation

Our Goal

To engage enterprising young leaders as pioneers in advocating for development within the African region

Our Mission

To build a network of global leaders who are passionate about African transformation.

Our Aim

To mobilize young leaders for sustainable impact.
To engage young people to pioneer in advocating for development within the African region.

Our Target

To enrich 20 million Africans by fighting to attain collective leadership, good platform for youth business development and the SDG’s.

Goal-oriented: YANGG is intent on achieving her three primary objectives in leadership development, business development/entrepreneurship, and SDGs.

Inclusiveness: We want to make our continent hospitable to both the rich and the poor, black and white, young and old, strong and weak, and, most importantly, the impaired.

Developing African potential: "Youth dynamism and assertiveness for tomorrow's world." Africa is endowed with a wealth of talent, which must be fully utilized if she is to meet her goals. YANGG is committed to maximizing the potential of African youths through encouragement and promotion.

To champion African growth: YANGG would like to see African youths at the forefront, ready to work for our continent's betterment. We anticipate that the youth will recognize that they are the solutions to their concerns and problems. As a result, Africans should face the future with the pride of being African.

Collaboration/Partnership: In the cause of our work, we look forward to join force with necessary stakeholders, government agencies, key individuals and corporate institutions for the actualization of our work.
Partnership: Knowing that no ocean ever produce its own water, like seas and rivers that join up to form the ocean, YANGG could not be indifferent and for that reason she will partner with other organizations who buy her dream of making Africa tree of life.
Innovation: We wish to make our continent a beautiful jewel. For this reason, YANNG wishes to encourage the young Africans to be innovative god.
Pan-Africanism: We seek to uphold the dreams of our famous leaders like late President MUAMMAR GADDAFI, of a strong and united Africa, one with no disparity in race, sex, religion nor color.
Integrity: Human integrity is not a debatable fact, and as a human on planet earth all humans need to be given due respect. Humanity is our most charitable religion. For Africa to be at peace we all must uphold human integrity and that is one of the main objectives of this organization.
Teamwork: Like our locals will commonly say “one hand can never tie a bundle”, YANGG on her part is out to build a strong bond between our African youths by encouraging teamwork. Making them to tackle problems as teams so as to easily solve them.

Collins Ugochukwu Ibeawuchi

Global President

Kelechi Ndieze

Executive Vice President West Africa

Mercy Letshelea

Secretary General

Kwete Mikobi Isrea

Executive Vice President Central Africa

Melody Chileshe

Director of Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Reverien Bukuru

Director of Contacts and Mobilization

Tamsir Sellah

Director of SDG'S